Château de Coulonges

Open from 1st July to 10 August inclusive

A miraculously conserved fortified castle in the Périgord

In a ring of lookout towers and mediaeval strongholds, the Château de Coulonges once formed part of a clever network, designed for the protection of the lords and the peasants in the castellany of Montignac.

In a mere 15 minutes olifants and smoke signals gave the alert and the knights were in armour, ready to retaliate, while the peasants took to their hiding places out in the country.

The towers are no longer there. Only Coulonges remains to tell the story of those heroic and tumultuous times before the Renaissance when gracefulness and peacefulness were re-established.

And so, today the château can boast a thousand years of architectural evolution in the castles of the Périgord: the charm and refinement of a stately home within a genuine mediaeval fortress steeped in history.

Included in I.S.M.H. (Listed Buildings Document) December 6, 1948

Château de Coulonges